Simple Websites that you can find with Google

We've been making simple websites that are easy to find on Google, and on other search facilities, for several years. Simple, well-structured websites do well on Google. If you want your customers to type in keywords and find your website, we can help. We can build a complete website or modifying your existing website. This is sometimes called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Many websites are inaccessible to disabled people, like buildings only accessible by a flight of steps. Websites are not like buildings - it is not difficult to make them accessible to everyone. Why would you want to restrict the size of your market by needlessly excluding anyone? All of our websites have validated structure (xhtml and CSS) and conform to the highest levels of accessibility standards.

As you might expect, simple websites don't cost the earth either.

Usability Consultancy

Are your customers concerned about the usability of your product or service? Whether it is a website, an automated telephone service, complex bespoke software or a car dashboard, we should talk! Carl has 15 years experience in designing for usability and usability testing.

Our work is based on Goal-Directed Design invented by Alan Cooper.

You may wonder why all this is known as 'User Experience Design' or UXD. I will write a little about this but in the meantime you could check out the definition of User Experience Design on Wikipedia.